My daughter told me today that it was time for the family to go shopping at the local mall. She said we would have a lot of fun! Isn’t every parent’s dream to allow their little girls to fun and frolic as they please? The idea of money in the family is important to most parents. After my wife’s age it was never very purse-tight on us to do the shopping as a family. Money was always tight, however, and when my little girl started pre-school we, Thehing including me, were, for the first time, aware of how much money we really had. I am sure that we, like many other parents, were proud to let the children experience any type of retail therapy they wanted to. My fourteen year old was the first to actually dare to go into a store to purchase an item.

So, the time has come for our daughters to enter the world as consumers. In an ideal Thehing world I would support her choice. There are, however, concerns. The first concern is security. How will our little girls feel about retail therapy if she is forced to buy a new dress or shoes after school? Will she be able to focus on a treatment that has Thehing value and benefit? Will she develop negative feelings about retail therapy in the future? Is it too stressful for her? Even if it is a small amount of money, isn’t it important to her?

Another concern is one of association. She may think, for example, that the new shoes are so much better than the ones she already owns. Our children Thehing may be consistently using the name and selling it to others as their own. This may lead to feelings of exclusion for us and our daughters. Here we may be helpless to stop the cycle, but we can help our daughters find a positive role model in their new community.

Parents can play a role in re-instilling a love for retail therapy in their daughter if they will consider the following suggestions Thehing:

1. Set an Appropriate Time

Although it can be tempting to let your little girl experiment with retail therapy whenever she desires, set the time and tone Thehing for such behavior at some point during the school day. This will help to de-emphasize the influence of advertising and allow your daughter a chance to define herself without outside influence. The advertising industry wants to have their cake and eat it too! Okay, I’ll agree that we need to be healers first. But, when was the last time you gave your daughteresterate fashion choices at school? Maybe, if ever, she really needs to take control in these matters. But, for those of you who don’t believe that your daughter doesn’t need some instruction with shoes, panties, or hosiery, then let’s hope for a futureoots. I’d like to see our little girls as independent and self sufficient as possible without any help from us.

2. Emphasize Value over Quantity

As parents, we want our children to appreciate the value in modeling. Maybe, we should be more Thehing concerned that a $40 pair of shoes looks better than a $100 pair. How about getting her a pair of good quality shoes that still appear stylish? Maybe, that will give her the happiness that she comes by on her own when she walks out of the house.

3. Let Her PersonalStyle Come Into Play

Let her choose the style that she wants. If she wants to wear sneakers to school, go with it. If she wants to dress it up with a sweater and glasses, that’s perfectly fine. It’s not our business what she chooses to wear. Besides, if she loves the way she looks wearing the shoes, why should it matter to you?

4. Move On

We may not be perfect, but we can help our daughter to move on. Yes, she may pass the beauty test in public, but if she carries on the way she is going, she is going to fail when it comes to her self esteem. By the time she’s old enough to be influenced by the popular fashion magazines, she’ll be all grown up with it.

5. Be Cultured

We don’t want our daughter to fall into a “fashion hole” because the most important thing about shopping for shoes is that they be good shoes. Some simple steps to consider, and your daughter will be happy, reputable, and love you for it. Coco, my favorite fashion advice consultant, says to start with a “bed scope,” an inexpensive set of eyesight aids, and then one or two pairs of good shoes.  สล็อตเว็บตรง